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Custom Built Outdoor Fireplace
Jan 15, 2016

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In Atlanta, fall and winter are a great time to install and enjoy hardscaping elements. While the weather cools and growing season slows, hardscaping features such as fireplaces are a great way to get get the most out of your outdoor space. They can be easily integrated to almost any landscape and really add warmth, coziness and aesthetic appeal. Installing a fireplace also adds value to your home. The right outdoor fireplace can set your house apart from the others and is certainly a feature that today's potential home buyers will appreciate. 

Custom Outdoor Fireplace 

We recently built and installed this outdoor fireplace for a customer in Norcross, Georgia. She came to us with a photograph of a design she wanted us to recreate. 

Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design and Completed Project 

Both fireplaces are upright, wood burning fireplaces handcrafted from different types of stone. They both have the rounded hearth as well as an arched opening. After alot of searching, we were able to locate a copper flue to very nearly match the photograph as well. One feature that makes this structure completely unique is the small stone that customer found on a family trip. She requested we use it as a capstone along with other smaller stones throughout the masonry.

Outdoor Fireplace Stones

Outdoor Fireplace Capstones

Outdoor Fireplace with Small Capstone

Outdoor Fireplace with Copper Flue 

She also wanted to make her back yard and under deck structure more functional and appealing. After presenting several overall design options, the customer chose to install a hand stained and etched concrete patio bordered by a small boulder wall. Additionally we built decorative columns around the deck supports, finished the bottom of the deck with aluminum siding and installed rock steps.

Decorative Stone Columns

Stone Rock Stairs 

Under Deck 

We were able to finish this job on time and on budget. This outdoor fireplace and patio will definitely add value, aesthetic appeal and offer more outdoor space for the customer.

Personal Touch Tips:

During leaf season make sure your leaves do not cover your lawn for more than a few days. They can damage the turf if left on top of the grass for too long. You can mulch your leaves and use them in your beds.