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Fire Pits Add Enjoyment to Atlanta Fall Weather
Sep 25, 2017

As the cooler weather is on it's way in Atlanta, now is the perfect time to enhance your outdoor living space with a fire pit. Things to consider as you plan are materials, wood burning or gas and cost. While wood burning pits give you the more authentic experience of a fire with the crackling of wood and smokey smell, they require a bit more work. Most obviously, a constant supply of firewood! Wood burning fire pits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are generally more cost efficient than gas burning. That said, gas fueled fire pits have become the more popular option for our outdoor enhancements. They too come in an endless variety of materials, shapes and sizes. From the height of the pit itself to the featured materials within it. At a North Atlanta home, we recently installed a raised rectangular fire pit and incorporated it with an existing pool deck while the job before that was a circular ground level pit with beautiful blue glass rocks. Adding a new seat wall and patio will complete your space and make it enjoyable for years to come!

Fire Pit in Stone Patio 

Poolside Fire Pit 

Sunken Fire Pit 

Patio Fire Pit 

Personal Touch Tips:

Get fall pre-emergent down before temperatures get too cool. You want a barrier of protection from fall/winter weeds before they start to germinate. If you plan on aerating and seeding, then do not apply a pre-emergent first as this will inhibit the growth of grass seed.